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Our primary aim for our patients is a behavior based approach to therapy. By using sound biologic principles in an environment that allows the patient to choose their own path to dental health and by treating them with dignity and respect.

 Dr. George V. Duello and his experienced staff have provided the St. Louis Community and the surrounding cities with high-quality implant and periodontal treatments since 1981. We provide personalized treatment plans to restore the health and function of your smile. Building on a foundation of trust, we support our patients, giving them the care they need while treating them with dignity and respect.  

Comprehensive Implant and Periodontal Services in St. Louis

As one of the first periodontists in the United States to provide surgical guided Implant Placement,
Dr. Duello is skilled at replacing teeth to restore the health of your smile.  We offer a range of
advanced treatment options that are tailored to each patient's needs. Some of the services at Master Institute of Implants & Periodontics includes:

Periodontal Plastic Surgery, Procedures that are done to correct or prevent traumatic or plaque disease-induced issues of alveolar, bone, mucosa and gingiva. Along with that, this treatment is also done to correct the anatomical development of the mouth. Uneven gum line - Exposed roots/Long Teeth Indentations in jawbone and gums

Our facility in Sunset Hill is equipped with the latest in dental technology to help restore patients’ quality of life. We are dedicated to delivering care in as few appointments as possible, whether by immediate placement of implants after extraction or working in collaboration with other healthcare providers.

Dedicated, Expert Patient Care

In our community, Dr. Duello and his team in St. Louis are recognized to be the experts in the field of periodontics and implants. We build a foundation of trust from referral sources from general dentists and other specialists. We co-manage your dental care with your referral so that you have the We believe in providing high quality, personalized dental care and come from a place of educating our patients so that they can make the best solutions for themselves.
We facilitate a conversation with our in-depth consultation process, and welcome questions and concerns so that we can cater to your needs.

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At Masters Institute of Implants and Periodontics, we are proud to provide great patient care that restores the health of your smile and that minimizes the time away from work and family.

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