3Shape Digital Smile Design

 Digital Smile Designing From Becker Laboratory and Dr. Duello

The second level of digital smile design is a partnership with Dr. Duello, your dentist, and a dental laboratory.  After careful consideration and evaluation of various softwares, Dr. Duello has partnered with Becker Dental Laboratory in St. Louis and 3Shape from Belgium giving our team the best opportunity to create the smile you desire.  Becker Laboratory is one of the leading labs in the United States in the use of digital dental technology.  Dr. Duello has recommended Becker Lab to many of the fine dentists he works with to continue delivering high quality dental care for our patients

This process starts with obtaining digital models of your teeth and bite using a 3Shape Trios intra-oral camera  These images are emailed immediately to Becker Dental Lab where Dan Becker, Owner/CMT downloads them in to 3Shape Design software.  This allows Mr. Becker to design your smile using specialized libraries of teeth that have been loaded into the 3Shape software from the top cosmetic dentist and cosmetic dental labs in the world.  Dr. Duello and Mr. Becker have also personalized a library for Dr. Duello's patients that encompasses the parameters of the most esthetic smiles ever studied in dentistry.


It is from this design process that our team develops the images that we present  you with for your input. Once we have overall approval from all members of the team, then digitally printed models, guides, and temporaries can be fabricated by Becker Dental Lab for our use during your treatments.