All on 4-Implant Procedure That Rescues Your Smile

"All-on-4" is a cost-effective treatment solution based on four implants secured in the jawbone to obtain optimal positioning and support of a complete denture. This innovative solution by Nobel Biocare provides the patients with a fixed bridge (denture) in a couple of hours in just one visit.

Happy Patient After Receiving Her All on Four Bridge

All-on-4 Implant Solutions

The All-on-4 clinical solution has been developed to maximize the use of available bone and to allow for Immediate Function™. Using only four implants in edentulous jaws, the solution takes advantage of the benefits of tilting the posterior implants to provide a secure and optimal prosthetic support for a prosthetic bridge, even with minimum bone volume.  

The key to the procedure is not the four implants--it is the fact that you can have a non-bone grafted fixed implant bridge in your mouth the day of the surgery.  No longer will you have to have a denture---have teeth that work and act like teeth.

In 2005 Dr. Duello was one of the first periodontist in the United States to perform this procedure using a minimally invasive approach called NobelGuide.  Since then we have performed many of the All on Four treatments in St. Louis.  Dr. Duello has lectured throughout the world on All On Four techniques and published several papers in dental journals on the procedure.  Dr. Duello was the first surgeon in St. Louis to perform the procedure. Ask Dr. Duello or your dentist if you are a candidate for this procedure in our office.


All-on-4® Dental Implant Treatment in St. Louis

When you have missing teeth, it’s important to seek treatment to restore not just the visible and functional tooth, but the bone structure as well. All-on-4® treatment is a conservative approach to teeth replacement that utilizes a minimum of four dental implants with a full arch bridge attached. This approach reduces surgical intervention, without bone grafting, yet guarantees the full benefits of dental implant care -- benefits which go beyond a restored bite and beautiful smile. If you have missing teeth, reach out to our periodontist George V. Duello DDS, MS, at Masters Institute of Implants and Periodontics in St. Louis.

You can visit our call our practice for a full consultation, where we begin the dental implant planning process. We accept referrals from general dentists and see patients directly.

Replace your Teeth in One day with Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment is an advanced procedure that enhances oral health and provides a lasting method for restoring beauty. Implants are surgically placed into bone tissue which grants a stable foundation for permanent prosthetics. This highly comfortable process is customized to your unique jaw structure and the number of teeth missing, ensuring you receive beneficial care.

Made from titanium, implants are biocompatible and resilient. The implant posts require a certain density of bone to support them, which some patients may not have. Our periodontist, Dr. Duello, will take 3D images and digital photographs to help with computerized, surgical planning to ensure the best fit and cosmetic result. Dr. Duello was one of the pioneering dentists to offer this treatment. He lectures extensively on this technique to other doctors. He is considered to be an expert in the treatment of patients who are about to lose their teeth or those who already have lost their teeth. He makes sure you are well-informed of every step in this treatment process and does all he can to ensure your comfort. Anyone who is experiencing the adverse effects of teeth loss can turn to Dr. Duello for expert care.

Conservative All-on-4 Treatment in St. Louis

All-on-4 implant placement is beneficial to patients in many ways. It is a method based on the efficient use of bone tissue to simplify placement for the doctor and the patient. Implants are placed where bone tissue is ample, and sometimes at an angle to capitalize on the best available structure. With no bone grafting and a minimum of four implants placed in one arch, patients receive treatment in less time and can experience faster healing. At no time during the treatment will you ever be without teeth so you can socialize and work with confidence and comfort.

In case four implants are not enough, Dr. Duello may recommend patients have six or eight placed. This is dependent on existing jaw strength, how far absorption has advanced, and if grafting procedures are possible. We will explore all options during the planning process and do our best to reduce the number of required implants.

Emergency Smile Restoration with Implants

In some cases patients may fracture one tooth in an accident or it may break off during eating. Many times the tooth breaks off at the least opportune time.  Don’t panic-we can see you for an emergency surgery to replace the fractured tooth with an immediate implant and temporary crown.  You don’t have to walk around with a dark space in the front of your mouth.  If you’ve had a tooth that was completely knocked out in an accident or was severely broken and cannot be restored, Dr. Duello offers emergency, implants to repair your smile.

Contact Dr. George Duello for your Dental Implant Needs!

If you having failing or lost teeth and want a permanent restorative solution in place after extraction, call Dr. Duello. We utilize modern technology and the latest in dental implant techniques to make sure your smile is restored. Our St. Louis office offers the best dental implant care you can find, and your well being is our focus.


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