NobelClinician Software

Computer Software From Nobel Biocare-NobelClinician-An Important Tool For Your Care

 Dr. Duello was one of the first periodontist in the world to use this technology from Nobel Biocare. NobelClinician allows him to visualize your treatment in a  kind of  "surgical virtual reality"  so that he can  achieve optimal results.  Dr. Duello uses NobelClinician  for diagnostics, treatment planning and patient communication for implant treatment. 

NobelClinician uses state-of-the-art technologies to help Dr. Duello improve all aspects of dental implant treatment.  We can quickly help you discover if you are a good candidate for implant surgery.  Dr. Duello is one of the leading users of this software and has lectured all over the world on this product.

Dr Duello and his team share the information from NobleClinician with your dentist and the dental laboratory.  During surgical treatments, Dr. Duello’s staff have images of your surgical plan in NobelClinican in the operating room to help insure safe and proper execution of your treatment plan.