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Single Tooth Replacement

Single-Tooth Implants in St. Louis

The loss of even one tooth should be addressed to prevent a domino effect of health concerns and protect your smile. While dental implants are versatile and can be used for full-mouth restoration, many of our patients at Masters Institute of Implants & Periodontics come to us for replacement of a single tooth.

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Losing a Tooth: Causes and Effects

Single tooth dental implant replacement in St. Louis

Many dental patients these days are keeping their natural teeth into their senior years. But tooth decay and periodontal disease are still common problems that cause the loss of permanent teeth, and accidents can loosen or knock out teeth as well. Many patients who visit our office have a tooth that was once restored with a root canal and is no longer viable. Others suffer physical injuries and are not eligible to have their natural teeth re-inserted.

Your dental anatomy is designed to support a full arch of teeth and vice versa. When one of these teeth is removed, bone in the area begins to deplete at an increased rate. Surrounding teeth can also move towards the gap in your smile, which creates changes in alignment that can only be corrected with orthodontics.

However, dental implants provide a comprehensive solution to tooth loss that addresses all of these issues.

The Gold Standard for Single Tooth Replacement

Our St. Louis implant dentist, Dr. George Duello, provides implants as natural and lasting replacements for single teeth, whether at the front or back or your smile. Dental implants are the most predictable way to restore your smile and offer benefits that cannot be matched by traditional dental bridges, such as:

Conservative – Placing a bridge requires shaving enamel from surrounding teeth. If these teeth are viable, this is an unnecessary process that changes healthy enamel in the effort to replace a tooth.

Permanent – A dental implant is rooted into bone, like your natural teeth. In this way, implants can stimulate bone health and remain a durable part of your smile. Bridges are cemented in place and will require removal and renewal through their useable life.

Strong – As your implants mimic the structures of your own teeth, they support the full force of biting and chewing over your lifetime. Bridges placed over existing teeth can crack or break these supports, requiring further dental care.

Dental implants provide the perfect balance of function and aesthetics and are ideal for replacing a molar or highly visible front tooth. Learn more about dental implants to replace a single tooth by contacting Masters Institute of Implants & Periodontics in St. Louis for your consultation.

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