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The Ultimate in Smile Design

DSD-Digital Dental Design and Dr. Duello Work with Your Team

Dr. Duello  works with the DSD Planning Center founded by Dr. Christian Coachman  to take your care to the next level of Digital and Emotional Dentistry.  They work with Dr. Duello as the starting point of the interdisciplinary treatment plan by helping the team, develop the ideal smile design project, integrating this project into the interdisciplinary clinical procedures.  Dr. Coachman is one of the most influential dentists in the world in the field of cosmetic dentistry. 

Dr. Coachman and Dr. Duello have known each other personally over 10 years and most assuredly are both very passionate about dental aesthetics and how it can impact peoples lives-physically and emotionally

Every DSD Planned case starts with the 3D Smile Design Planning. There are 4 different types of 3D Planning that DSD can performs for us, each one with its own purpose and advantages. Some cases might need more than 1 type of 3D Planning.  Dr. Duello will work with you, your dentist, and their lab to select the best options to build you the best smile possible for your given situation.

 DSD 3D Ideal

An upper teeth digital virtual 3D Wax-up that represents the Ideal future smile of the patient is taken into consideration  for any treatment needed. It is used to guide all kinds of multidisciplinary treatment plans.
Delivery time: 72h

DSD 3D Motivational

Upper teeth virtual 3D Wax-up, designed to manufacture a DSD Mock-up that will adapt to the current situation of the patient’s teeth. The most powerful tool to help you actually see our smile design in your mouth.
Delivery time: 72h

DSD 3D Functional

Upper and Lower DSD 3D IDEAL Planning in which we will design the ideal 3D including the bitel surface on the new upper smile design.  In this case it is very important: the dentist needs to determine and send the scanned models already with the new ideal maxillary relation.
Delivery time: 5 Working Days

DSD 3D Complete Interdisciplinary Planning (Exclusive for Dr. Duello’s office)

Upper and Lower DSD 3D IDEAL Planning which includes a multidisciplinary treatment plan suggestion based on a complete pre-planning digital analysis (implants, ortho, perio, restorative…).
Delivery time: 5 Working Days

There are fees for these advanced services.   You will be advised in advance of the professional fees for these different products recommend for our diagnosis and your treatment plan.