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Dr. George Duello Provides Teeth-in-an-Hour

Teeth-in-an-hour is an expedited implant procedure that provides the foundation for a whole new smile in just one visit. If you have failing worn teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, even if all of your natural teeth are gone, teeth in an hour can be the immediate solution you’re looking for.

To schedule your consultation for same-day smile restoration in St. Louis, contact our office today!

Can I Receive Teeth in an Hour?

Before providing this service, our St. Louis implant dentist thoroughly examines your smile at a consultation appointment. As this procedure is specialized, there are specific criteria that make patients a good candidate, including:

·       Adequate bone to place implants without bone grafting

·       Patients who cannot tolerate dentures or partials comfortably

·       The need to rejuvenate the face and obtain a youthful smile

Preparatory treatments can include fabrication of temporary dentures used to help place the implants and provide an immediate bridge on the implants. With advanced imaging, we determine if you are a candidate for this treatment by planning treatment on a computer before surgery is scheduled.  This technology reduces surgical treatment and ensures a better outcome for teeth in an hour.


                          Before Treatment                                                   After Treatment

Teeth-in-an-Hour at Masters Institute of Implants and Periodontics

After determining you are an excellent candidate for same-day implants, our team schedules your single appointment for implant surgery and attaching a temporary restoration. Dr. Duello utilizes a CBCT machine, or 3D scanner, specialized software to determine the best location for all necessary implant posts.

Dr. Duello will have your temporary prosthetic ready at the time of implant placement and affixes it to your smile immediately after the implant posts have been carefully placed. You will leave our office with a beautiful and healthysmile in one visit!

Even though the entire procedure is completed in one day, we understand patients may become anxious. To increase your comfort, we offer various methods of sedation dentistry. For more information about these services, click the tab for sedation dentistry.

Emergency Smile Restoration with Implants

In some cases patients may fracture one tooth in an accident or it may break off during eating. Many times the tooth breaks off at the least opportune time.  Don’t panic-we can see you for an emergency surgery to replace the fractured tooth with an immediate implant and temporary crown.  You don’t have to walk around with a dark space in the front of your mouth.  If you’ve had a tooth that was completely knocked out in an accident or was severely broken and cannot be restored, Dr. Duello offers emergency, implants to repair your smile in one visit.

If you’re interested in dental implants to restore your smile, but don’t want to wait, contact us to learn more about teeth in an hour in St. Louis from
Masters Institute of Implants and Periodontics.