Presentations by Dr. Duello - St. Louis Dentist

Presentations by Dr. Duello 2016

2/10 Speaker, AGD Residents and Faculty-"Dental Implants: An Introduction", Scott AFB, IL

2/18 Attendee, Academy of Osseointegration National Conference, San Diego, CA

2/24 Attendee, Midwest Society of Periodontology, Chicago, IL

5/20 Speaker/Attendee, California Society of Periodontology-Santa Barbara, CA-"Total Edentulous Solutions Supported by Digital Planning Protocols"

6/23-6/26 Speaker/Attendee, NobelBiocare Global Symposium-New York, NY-"From Concept to Clinical Reality-How Standard Workflows Lead to Patient Satisfaction"

9/10-9/13 Speaker/Attendee, American Academy of Periodontology 102nd National Conference, San Diego, CA-" Refinements Using Optimized Planning Concepts and Tools: The Value of Planning for the Final Results Before Treatment Initiation" NobelBiocare Booth

11/4-11/6 Speaker/Attendee, Northeast Society of Periodontology Annual Conference, New York, NY-"Total Edentulous Solutions supported by Digital Planning Protocols"

12/1-12/3 Attendee, American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Annual Conference, Chicago, IL

Presentations by Dr. Duello 2015

3/12-3/17 Attendee, Academy of Osseointegration Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA 

8/27 Attendee/Participant, Nobel Biocare U.S. Key Opinion Leader Meeting, Yorba Linda, CA

11/9-11/12 Speaker/Attendee, American Dental Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC

11/16-11/19 Speaker/Attendee, American Academy of Periodontology 101st Annual Meeting, Orlando, FL

 Presentations by Dr. Duello 2014 

1/14 Speaker, World Treatment Planning Competition, Seattle Study Club, Scottsdale, AZ

2/14 Speaker, Messinger Bone Management Meeting, Beaver Creek, CO

2/14 Planner, American Academy of Periodontolgy Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

2/21, Attendee, Midwest Society of Periodontolgy, Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

3/14, Speaker, Nobel Biocare Corporate Booth on All On Four, Seattle, WA

7/14, Attendee, Nobel Biocare Key Opinion Leader Meeting, San Diego, CA

8/14, Attendee/Participant, AO Summit on Total Edentulism of the Maxilla, Chicago, IL

9/14, Speaker/Attendee, American Academy of Periodontology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA

10/14, Speaker, Illinois Society of Periodontists, Chicago, IL

Presentation By Dr. Duello 2013

1/13  Speaker, Seattle Study Club Annual Symposium, Naples, FL

2/13  Speaker, DentalXP First World Symposium, Las Vegas, NV

3/13  Speaker, University of Pacific Alumni Meeting, San Francisco, CA  

4/13  Speaker, Nobel Biocare-KC Implant Study Club, Kansas City, MO

6/13  Speaker, Nobel Biocare Global Symposium, New York, NY

9/13  Speaker, American Academy of Periodontology, Philadelphia, PA

10/13 Speaker, New Horizon Dental Hygiene Study Club, St. Louis, MO

10/13 Speaker, Scott Air Force Base-AGD Program, Scott AFB, IL

11/13 Speaker, DentalXP Webinar, Atlanta, GA

Presentations By Dr. Duello in 2012

1/12  Speaker, Implant Study Club, Marissee, France

3/12  Speaker, Nobel Biocare Course, Warsaw, WI

3/12  Speaker, DentalXP Course, Atlanta, GA

6/12  Speaker,  Nobel Biocare, Boca Raton, FL

10/12 Speaker, Scott Air Force Base AGD, Scott AFB, IL

10/12 Speaker, New Horizon Dental Hygiene Study Club, St. Louis, MO

10/12 Speaker, Nobel Biocare Toronto 30 Year Conference, Toronto, Canada

11/12 Speaker, Nobel Biocare, Palm Beach, FL

12/12 Speaker, Greater St. Louis Dental Society, St. Louis, MO

Presentations By Dr. Duello In 2011

1/11   Speaker, New Horizon Dental Hygiene Study Club, St. Louis, MO

1/11   Speaker, Scott Air Force Base-GPR Residency and Staft, Scott AFB, IL

3/11   Speaker, Bone Management Symposium-Meissinger, Jackson Hole, WY

3/11  Speaker, Nobel Biocare Hands On Course-NobelActive, Philadelphia, PA

4/11  Speaker-Moderator, Seattle Study Club Regional Symposium-Treatment Planning, Kansas City, MO

7/11  Speaker, Seattle Study Club Director Meeting-All On Four, Bachelor Gulch, CO

9/11  Speaker, UNLV-NobelBiocare NobelActive Lecture, Las Vegas, NV

9/11  Webinar-DentalXP, All-on Four-Atlanta, GA

10/26  Speaker, AGD Program, Scott Air Force Base, Scott AFB, IL

10/29  Speaker, Nobel Biocare Headquarters, Yorba Linda, CA

11/18  Speaker, Nobel Biocare-Total Edentulism, Fresno, CA

11/19  Speaker, Nobel Biocare-Total Edentulism, Houston, TX

Presentations By Dr. Duello In 2010

2/10    Speaker, Greenbay Seattle Study Club-Green Bay, WS

3/10    Speaker, Growes Implant Study Club, Carbondale, IL

3/10    Speaker, Delta Dental of Missouri/Insurance Organization, St. Louis, MO

3/10    Keynote Speaker, New Horizon Dental Hygiene Study Club, St. Louis, MO

6/10    Lecturer, Nobel Biocare NobelActive Lecture,  Yorba Linda, CA

6/10    Speaker, Nobel Biocare World Conference 2010, New York, NY

10/10  Speaker, Scott Air Force GPR Residents and Staff, Scott AFB, IL

10/10  Speaker, AAP Corporate Forum, AAP Annual Meeting, Honololu, HI

11/10  Speaker, Santa Barbara-Seattle Study Club, Santa Barbara, CA

Presentations By Dr. Duello In 2009

2/09    Speaker, Wisconsin Society of Periodontist, Milwakee, WS

2/09    Speaker, Academy of Osseointegration-NobelBiocare Forum, San Diego, CA

5/09    Speaker, Hartford Seattle Study Club, Hartford, CN

5/09    Speaker, California Dental Association Annual Meeting, Anaheim, CA

5/09    Keynote Speaker, Detroit Implant Study Club, Detroit, MI 

6/09    Lecturer, NobelBiocare Headquarters, Yorba Linda, CA

6/09    Speaker, Virginia State Dental Meeting, Williamsburg, VA

9/09    Lecturer, AAP Annual Meeting-Hands On Course, Boston, MA

10/09  Speaker, Arizona Society of Prosthodontists and Periodontists, Scottdale, AZ

10/09  Lecturer, NobelBiocare Headquarters, Mahwah, NJ

11/09  NobelBiocare Private Lecture, Las Vegas, NV

11/09  Gateway Study Club-Seattle Study Club, St. Louis MO

Presentations By Dr. Duello In 2008

1/08    Speaker, Seattle Study Club Symposium-Maui, HI                                  

1/08    Keynote Speaker, Harris P. Calloway Dental Conference-Whistler, B.C.      

3/08    Lecturer, Nobel Biocare, Nobel Active Training Course-Omaha, NE             

3/08    Consultant, Nobel Biocare Advisory Board-Chicago, IL                             

4/08    Lecturer, University of Iowa-Cedar Rapids, IA                                              

4/08    Lecturer, Univ. of Alabama-Birmingham-Birmingham, AL                             

4/08    Lecturer, Waterfall Study Club-Atlanta, GA                                                 

4/08    Lecturer, Nobel Biocare Faculty Meeting-Marwah, NJ                                  

5/08    Lecturer, University of Mississippi-Jackson, MS                                          

5/08    Speaker, America Meeting Germany (SSC)-Tergensee, Germany               

6/08    Lecturer, Nobel Biocare, Noble Active Training Course-Kansas City, MO    

6/08    Lecturer, Noble Biocare, Noble Active Training Course-Chicago, IL             

7/08    Lecturer, Nova University-Fort Lauderdale, FL                                           

9/08    Presenter, American Academy of Periodontology-Seattle, WA                                        

9/08    Lecturer, Nobel Biocare Center-Yorba Linda,CA                                            

10/08  Lecturer, Off Center Study Club - St. Louis, MO

Masters Institute of Implants and Periodontics and Dr. George Duello, a board certified dental specialist, provides periodontal implant dentistry service to residents of the greater St Louis area including many surrounding cities in Missouri and Illinois such as Sunset Hills, Clayton, Brentwood, University City, Frontenac, Kirkwood, Ladue, Town & Country, Maplewood, Chesterfield, Creve Coeur, Ballwin, Des Peres, Olivette, Richmond Heights, Webster Groves, St Louis City, Central West End, Rock Hill, Florissant, Hazelwood, Crestwood, Fenton, Sunset Hills, Eureka, Manchester, Maryland Heights, Arnold, Hillsboro, Rolla, Union, Pacific, Ellisville, Columbia, High Ridge, Washington, Glencoe, Festus, St Charles, St Peters, O'Fallon, Wildwood,  Oakville, Afton, Concord, Dupo, Belleville, Milstadt, Wentzville, Collinsville, Granite City, Scott AFB, Olivette, Oakland, Glencoe, Gray Summit, St. Clair, Desoto, Crystal City, Festus, Imperial, Glendale, Shrewsberry, Earth City, Sullivan, Bourbon, Leasburg, Cuba, St. James, Beaufort, Augusta, Defiance, Lake Saint Louis, Forestell, Wright City, Warrenton, Saint Louis County, West County, Mid County, North County, South County. Masters Institute and the general dental and specialist partner teams we partner with to provide care are able to consistently produce outstanding results to residents of the greater St. Louis area with two convenient locations for  dental implants, oral plastic surgery in a gentle and relaxing environment.