Our Approach

The foundation for your care is the use of interdisciplinary treatment to provide optimal dental care with a dental team that uses their collective knowledge and skills in a cooperative group setting. This philosophy allows us to streamline the way your treatment is approached, so that we clearly see the big picture as it relates to the  to treatment that our patients want.  

Many of our patients have complex and complicated problems that require the expertise of an team of dentists. In order to provide comprehensive care, patients need to have subjective and objective data collected on their present dental conditions prior to developing their individualized care.

We believe having "many eyes on the problem" may help distinguish between, simple, complicated, and complex causes of disease that requires the judgement of a seasoned team approach.  Once the cause(s) of the disease(s) is determined, then the team can help the patient identify the best path to solve their problems and  develop their vision for their dental health.

Three core values act as a guide for ethical conduct and serves as a foundation for providing exceptional care for our patients.  The first is the patient's right to personal autonomy in making treatment decisions on his or her own after weighing all the benefits versus the risks.

The final two values are competence and beneficence.  Competence is a by-product of the relentless pursuit of knowledge. The last core value is always relating to the need for human caring and kindness.  We hope to help you by treating you with dignity and respect while at the same time showing you how we care for you by demonstrating our core values. Our staff is dedicated to helping you by providing the best expertise and experience possible.

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