Professional Smile Analysis

Our Team Will Professionally Assess Your Present Smile 

Professional smile analysis is a complex evaluation of the patient's face, lips, function, bite, teeth, and gums.  The skills required to perform the proper analysis can take years of study and practice.  Dr. Duello uses some of the traditional methods of facial and dental analysis mixed with advanced technology. In addition to technical data, Dr. Duello can express his artistic viewpoint with patients as well as incorporating your vision  to obtain your beautiful new smile.

Do the teeth fit in the face from the front?

Do the teeth teeth fit in the lips and face from the side?

Do the teeth and gums look natural when smiling?

Is there symmetry of the lips, gums, and teeth at rest and smiling when viewed above or below the patient?

Do the teeth and lips look appropriate when speaking?

Do you have a "gummy smile" that can be from too much gums, facial and orthodontic imbalances, or due to a hyper mobile upper lip?

Are your gums red, sore, puffy, bleeding or receded?

Do you have symmetry with the plane of the back teeth, the front teeth plane, crown length, and the alignment of the eyes?

Are the form and dimensions of the teeth matched?

Are the characterizations of the teeth-opalescence, translucency, and transparency appropriate?

Does the surface texture of the teeth appear normal, worn, or reflective?

Does the brightness and color of the teeth in daylight, indoor light and fluorescence match?

Do you have any prior dental work that appears unnatural?

Do you have any crowns or bridges that appear dark at the edge of your gums?

Are the teeth worn due to aging, genetics, bad teeth, bite problems, trauma, grinding together, or bruxing side to side of teeth

Are the phonetics-speaking with your present teeth acceptable?

Is there global harmony in the patient's smile, face shape, age, and characterization of the teeth?

The factors mentioned above can be controlled or treated, yet not leading to a final esthetic outcome.  The esthetic outcome depends on the harmonious integration of the fundamental esthetic criteria, the smile, and, ultimately, the characteristics of an individual.

In most cases the patient is the sole determinate of what is cosmetically beautiful.  This requires that Dr. Duello and his team treat each patient individually  with dignity and respect.  It is our responsibility to help you discover the best path to  a new smile.  It is your responsibility to tell us what is most important to you and what you are willing the live with or change.

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