Custom Smile Designing

 Custom smile design in St. Louis

At Masters Institute, we can work with you and your dentist to help design a new smile to enhance your appearance.  In the past dentists relied upon old techniques to evaluate for a change in your smile.  Those methods involved the use of impressions of your mouth, stone molds, dental articulators, and waxed teeth.   The problem with those techniques is that they are slow and time consuming but more importantly they don't show how your new teeth and smile will actually look.

Today with the advent of specialized software and new computer hardware, we can show you how a personalized digital smile design will actually look before your treatment begins. Most importantly, the smile design concept allows to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted. 

Dr. Duello uses many forms of digital smile design with his patients.   The most basic is using Adobe Photoshop.  This can serve as a starting point for most patients and can be performed by Dr. Duello quickly in his office.

The second level of digital smile design involves taking digital impression with a 3Shape Trios intra-oral scan.  This avoids messy impressions and inaccuracies associated with conventional impressions and stone models.  Once the digital impressions and bite are obtained, then the files are sent to a dental laboratory for digital design using 3Shape software.   Dr. Duello, your dentist, and you can view their design, modify any tooth digitally, and have a printed model of your smile design in a couple of days.  We can share with you the final design and then have a temporary smile prepared for you on your teeth so we can see how the final result might appear.

The third level of digital design involves all the parts of the second level design process but also incorporates the expertise of digital smile designers.  This level of design can allow for aligner orthodontics like Invisalign, digitally capture your smile and face during still and motion activity, guided implant surgery to support your new smile, and digital mockups of your smile.  Once we have agreed on our interdisplianary approach with your dental team we can then have the lab design precision materials to mockup your new smile, place dental implants, have templates for surgery and the final prosthetics with your dentist.

Based on your personal smile analysis and our detailed exams and records, we can help you with your individualized treatment plan for your new smile.  Dr. Duello is an expert in this area after taking many courses and teaching this at many seminars and lectures throughout the world.  Ask your dentist or Dr. Duello how you can get the process started for your new smile.