Your Insurance Benefits

Frequently Asked Insurance Questions

Do You Take My Insurance?

In our practice, we evaluate many plans, and we have concluded that we cannot directly work with most plans and maintain our high standards.  In our office, we base treatment on the needs of the patient, not the limitations of the benefits.  We will work with your insurance to ensure that you receive any benefits that you are entitled to through our care.

How Do You Handle My Insurance Claims?

We ask that you pay for services as provided.  If you have benefits we will be happy to assist you in filing your claims.

What If My Plan Doesn't Cover The Services That I Need?

Whether you receive reimbursement will depend on the details of your particular plan purchased by your benefit provider.  Sometimes your needs and treatment can be beyond the scope of dental benefits.  Our treatments will be designed to be more conservative, more cost effective, or less invasive in their scope.