What You Should Know

What You Should Know and How To Evaluate A Dentist

-Once you have selected a dentist, evaluate each dentist's website.  Compare credentials, the dentist's background, do they teach, publish article, or write in textbooks?  Beware of hype--if it sounds too good it usually is not the best place to start.  Most cosmetic cases require the expertise of a team of dentists and dental auxiliaries who know how to help you get exactly the smile you want by open communication.

-Arrive at your appointment early.  You'll need time to complete forms and communicate your desires without being hurried and in a relaxed atmosphere.  Dr. Duello may suggest additional consultations with your dentist and other dental professionals prior to developing your treatment.

 -Ask for a consultation.  Dentists who offer free consultation and free second opinions will never spend the time nor devote the level of communication Dr. Duello will provide you in his office.  The old adage "you get what you pay for" is still true today.  Expect to pay a fee for the time with the dentist as well as  for any records, x-rays, photos, computer imaging, or other data needed to evaluate your cosmetics.

-Don't shop for bargains.  Instead, look for a dentist who will spend the time it takes to give you what you want.  Otherwise, you may waste time and money fixing mistakes made due to poor diagnosis, rushed treatments, and cheaper alternatives.

-Be up-front about your budget for dental care.  Some insurance plans cover cosmetic dentistry and others do not.  We will work within your budget to help you.  Time and expense are two factors you must consider when seeking cosmetic dental treatments.  

-Can the dentist provide you with models or images of what your cosmetic result might look like?  Take into account the dentist's artistic skills and experience.

-Consider a trial smile.  Removable or fixed try-in smiles allow you to actually 'wear" your new smile before any treatment is done.

-Keep in mind the best esthetic dentistry requires a highly personalized artistic approach.  This kind of dentistry is a team effort.  The skill of the dentist's support staff-other dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants, and especially the dental laboratory technician who fabricates the teeth-are critical.